About Us

Cowboy Tom

Charlotte and Tom Armstrong welcome you to the home of Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks.  After years of making hearty breakfasts on our Idaho ranch, we are pleased to share with you our popular flapjacks that come straight from our Idaho fields to your table.

Cowboy Tom is a real cowboy – Tom Armstrong of Declo, Idaho. Tom’s lovely wife, Charlotte, is responsible for Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks.

Around the year 2000, after years of making hearty breakfasts on their Idaho ranch, Tom & Charlotte decided to share their family flapjack recipe with the world. Charlotte picked out the five types of wheat she liked best and did taste test panels in her home focusing on product  tenderness, eye appeal, taste and texture. All testers agreed on the flapjacks made from hard red wheat grown at a dry farm in southern Cassia County, Idaho.

Armstrong’s flapjacks come from a much-loved, old family recipe. According to Charlotte,  “When you eat these flapjacks, it leaves you with a warm, comfy feel.”
Cowboy Tom flapjacks are always TASTY and HEALTHY thanks to fresh, organic ingredients and the company’s “Just in Time Grind” philosophy. We believe that just like great coffee, Cowboy Tom flapjack ingredients are ground just before being cooked.

Over the years, the Cowboy Tom product line has grown to include a healthy lineup that includes:

  •     FLAXJacks that include healthy flax seeds in the recipe so you can cut down on oil.
  •     Gluten-Free flapjacks made from Buckwheat (not actually a wheat product) or Teff.
  •     Lip Lickin’ Country Maple Syrup.
  •     Cowboy Tom Gift Pack that includes the colorful and imaginative “Legend of Cowboy Tom” story book.