Cowboy Tom’s


From Idaho’s Wheatfields to Your Table

Bet your boots you’ll want more!

Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks are made the old fashioned way with a blend of dry ingredients and unprocessed grain, including whole wheat or gluten-free teff or buckwheat (not actually a wheat product). All you do is add an egg and milk and then blend! The results are delicious, light, fluffy, golden brown flapjacks that are a true treat to your taste buds…and they’re good for you too!

Cowboy Tom Flapjacks are always TASTY, FRESH and HEALTHY thanks to our fresh, organic ingredients and our “Just in Time Grind” philosophy.

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We are sure that you and your loved ones will LOVE Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks, FLAXjacks, Teffjacks, Lip Lickin’ Country Maple Syrup and our story book, “The Legend of Cowboy Tom”.


These are the best flapjacks I’ve ever tasted. I should know because I had some nearly every day at market. Awesome products!!

– Raven’s Original


I use Cowboy Tom’s to make waffles! They are absolutely delicious!

– Jill from Colorado

Gluten Free!?

I don’t know how these can be gluten free when they taste better than any pancake I’ve ever eaten.

– Mary from Texas



OMG! These are great! I bought an entire case for all my friends as presents.

– Cathy from Arkansas

Just turn the pages and learn the Legend of Cowboy Tom!

The Perfect Gift!

We just got a big shipment of Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks. They are the perfect gift and also the best breakfast!

-Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce